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Felinology Club Le PETit WCF

Belgrade, SRPSKI

Felinology Club Le PETit: About Us 

Club Le PETit

Felinology Club Le PETit promotes ethical treatment of animals and responsible ownership. Club was started back in 2012. Club Le PETit is listed in Serbian Business Registers Agency and operates according to laws and Statute.

Cat Club Le PETit WCF

Cat Breeders Club Le PETit WCF

International cat breeders club Le PETit is a full member of WCF - World Cat Federation. Club provides cattery registration, certified WCF pedigrees and transfer documents. Club organises cat shows and helps finding, showing and selling breed cats.

Svetlana Lalović and Anneliese Hackmann

President of Club Le PETit is Svetlana Lalović, WCF all-breed judge and member of WCF Judging Comission. On the photo: Svetlana, WCH Rextasy Zlatko and Mrs. Anneliese Hackmann, founder and president of WCF.

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Club Le PETit

WCF - World Cat Federation eV

WCF is an international association of cat clubs, registered in Germany. Currently there are 280 organizations worldwide associated to WCF (8/2019). Founder and president of WCF is Mrs Anneliese Hackmann from Essen.

The WCF has been successfully working on the development of animal protection laws in European Parliament in Strasbourg. WCF creates standards for pedigreed cats, trains judges and organizes cat shows:

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Mrnjau Fest

Le PETit Meow Fest

Since 2014, Club Le PETit regularly organises cat festivals named Meow Fest. The main event on Meow Fest is two-day WCF Cat Show, international cat competition. Visitors have the opportunity to adopt a domestic cat, to visit handicraft bazaar, and children may have fun in creative workshops:

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Club Le PETit

Felinology Club Le PETit WCF

Le PETit and animal welfare

Club Le PETit gathers animal rights activists. Club works with public institutions and socially responsible companies. Club regularly organizes Meow Weekends, Meow forums, Meow Fest and many other events dedicated to animal welfare:

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Le PETit Meow fosterers

Le PETit Meow Guardians

Le PETit and cat adopting

Le PETit volunteers, named Meow Fosterers, rescue lost or abandoned cats in Belgrade. Meow Fosterers are preparing and offering rescued cats for adoption. All our cats have passed the veterinary exams, they are healthy, happy, well-behaved, well-socialized and are waiting for your love and home!

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Le PETit Meow Weekends

Club Le PETit regularly organises Meow Weekends - charity events dedicated to cats. At Meow Weekends, Club offers rescued cats for adoption. All cats are healthy, happy, well-behaved and well-socialized. 

Meow Weekend

Meow Weekends are supported by appropriate public institutions. Public Veterinary Institution of Belgrade formalizes responsible ownership agreements, donates vaccines and microchips, and later neuters adopted cats:

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Meow forums

Le PETit Meow Forums

Club Le PETit regularly organizes Meow Forums - regular meetings of members and cat lovers. In the friendly atmosphere we discuss hot topics - cat nutrition, care and training: 

Meow forums

Come to Meow forums to purr with us, to cuddle and discuss felinology and cats! We believe that cats are training us, and teaching us tolerance, understanding, creativity, respect for the freedom and acceptance of diversity: 

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Pet Friendly Belgrade

La PETit and Pet Friendly Belgrade

Pets welcome - a campaign created and performed by Club Le PETit, promoting the cohabitation of people and pets in Belgrade.

All the stores where dogs and cats are welcome can now post a sticker with the pink heart, contours of a cat and a dog, and "Pets welcome" message. The campaign is supported by City of Belgrade's Secretariat for Housing Services:

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