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Belgrade WCF Jubilee Show, 11-12 November:

Belgrade Meow Fest

Morwegian forest cat Galifrey's Raj Koothrappali, Osaya WCF

Dear cat people, on 11-12 November you are welcome to Belgrade WCF Cat Show! We will meet in a shiny, safe and comfortable show hall in Hotel Yugoslavia, on red carpet under lavish Swarovski chandeliers! We have great prices for rooms, and for us breakfast, cats and parking are free.

This will be a 3 certificate show, with WCF rings, Jubilee Master ring and many fun rings. On Sunday all Best Cat points are double! Foreign breeders may enter cats here:

  Belgrade WCF Jubilee Cat Show - Breed cat entry...

Meow Fest is open for visitors on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 November at Grand Hall in Hotel Yugoslavia in Belgrade. Cat Show is from 10-18h. Adoption of healthy and lovely cats is from 11-17h. Ticket is 400 dinars. For pre-school children entrance is free!

Mrnjau Fest 2023.

Cat lovers, welcome to Belgrade Meow Fest!

Many cities have cat cafes, but only Belgrade has a unique festival dedicated to cats and those who love them! On every Meow Fest there are many beautiful cats and lots of good vibes and creativity, as cats have always been companions of creative people - from artists to scientists, from Leonardo to Tesla!   

Mrnjau Fest

International WCF cat show at Meow Fest 

The main event on Meow Fest is two days World Cat Federation Show. Best cats will compete for Best in Show, Best of Best, Best General and Best Supreme titles and awards. All popular breeds will be represented: Bengals, Birmans, British Shorthairs, Maine Coons, Persians, Russian Blues, Siberians, but also less commonly seen breeds: Abyssinians, Norwegian Forest cats, Orientals, Sphynx and others.

Mrnjau Fest

Adoption of healthy and lovely cats 

Many lovely and healthy cats will be offered for adoption. All cats were rescued from the streets. They were sheltered and nourished by a team of responsible and professional fosterers. They thoroughly prepared the cats for new homes - all cats passed a veterinary check, are well socialized and playful.

Mrnjau Fest

Meow Fest is a great opportunity to get high-quality food for your pet, and pick some delicious treats, baskets or toys with nice discount. 

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

Cat lovers, welcome to Le PETit WCF Meow Fest! Come to meow with us and spend two days in good company - in the company of cats!


World Cat Federation Jubilee Show 

World Cat Federation Cat Show

This will be a 3 certificate show, with WCF rings, Jubilee Master ring and many fun rings. On Sunday all Best Cat points are double! We will try to finish the program by 18h, and continue the party in one of many restaurants and clubs on the Danube river in front of the Hotel!

Schedule, Saturday November 11:

8:30h: registration and vet check
10h: two table judgings and Fun rings  
14h: Best in Show nominations and lunch break  
15h: WCF Rings
17h: Best in Show, Best of Best, Best General  
18h: end of program.

Schedule, Sunday November 12:

10h: one table judging and Fun rings
14h: Best in Show nominations and lunch break  
15h: WCF Rings
16h: Jubilee Master Ring
17h: Best in Show, Best of Best, Best General    
18:30h: Public Award, Best Supreme, end of program.

Certificates and Best Cat points:

  • three judgings for three certificates

  • Double Best Cat points on Sunday


  • WCF Rings (Kitten/Junior, Neuter, Adult)

  • Jubilee Ring (all cats, for Jubilee Master titles)

Cats hold a special place in our hearts, and we're not only focused on judging them against the standards, but also on honoring their affection and endearment. As we celebrate our 10th Meow Fest, our intention is to underscore that the essence of the WCF goes beyond mere competition, but rather our love for the cats and their love for us!

So we will organize the unique Jubilee Master Ring and award the title "WCF Jubilee Master" to two best cats. All cats present at the show may participate in this ring, regardless of sex, age and breed. Special emphasis will be placed on the character of the cats when awarding the Jubilee Master. This title will be written in pedigree!

Fun rings:

  • Barbie girls (female cats)

  • Ken boys (male cats)

  • Forest cats (MCO, NFO, SIB)

  • Colorpoint cats (cats with 33 in EMS code)


  • Antonello Bardella, Italy, WCF AB

  • Fabrice Calmes, France, LOOF AB

  • Alina Ingor, Bulgaria, WCF AB

  • Svetlana Lalovic, Serbia, WCF AB

...and more judges to be announced soon.


  • two judgings: 50
  • three judgings: 65

The price is for both days, for one cat or one litter.

  • WCF ring, one day: 15
  • WCF ring, two days: 25
  • Jubilee ring: 20
  • Fun ring: 5

You may bring your own soft cages or you may ask for club cages:

  • standard club cages (60cm): free
  • large club cage (120cm) for large cats (MCO, NFO, SIB...) 30

Entry form:

  Belgrade WCF Jubilee Cat Show - Breed cat entry...

Guides and rules:

  A WCF Cat Show (how it works and what happens)

  WCF Show Titles (instructions and rules)

  WCF Show Rules (comprehensive rulebook)

Show hall: Hotel Yugoslavia

Hotel Jugoslavija

Hotel Yugoslavia is on Danube river, next to airport and main highway. Light lunch is available at hotel bars and hotel restaurants Zapata (mexican) and Intergalactic (burgers). In front of the hotel are numerous restaurants on water.

Rooms and booking:

  • single room: 34 eur
  • double room: 48 eur
  • triple room: 72 eur
  • tax: 1.37 per person per day

Prices include breakfast, cats and parking. Rooms are not available on the internet, so please book your room by email to hotel:

Hotel Jugoslavija

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